Veterinary Anatomy Collection

This collection of skeletons and wet specimens created since the 1960s is used for teaching with the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Science. Objects include models and other early teaching aids.

The Veterinary Anatomy Collection is located in the Western Edge Biosciences (WEBS) building on Royal Parade, Parkville. This collection comprises approximately 214 items housed in a dedicated object based learning space. The collection was designed to supplement the veterinary anatomy program of the Faculty of Veterinary Science and reflects its past and present mission, to educate and train veterinary science graduates and professionals. Skeletons, dissected organs, mounted limbs, and cross‐sections of various domestic, production and exotic animals dominate this well provenanced and unique collection, which reflects the commitments and interest of those working in the field of Veterinary Science at the University.

For further information on the collection contact Christina Murray, E:, P: +61383448826