The Score


Spanning all three floors of the Potter, The Score exhibition will include examples of music and dance notation, from Medieval manuscripts through to graphic notation of the 1960s, alongside artworks and performances. The colour music experiments of Modernist abstract painters such as Roy de Maistre and Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack will inform a more recent series of work John Nixon, whose paintings will be ‘played’ in the gallery by a musical ensemble. Influential composer John Cage’s movable scores made of Plexiglas and acetate will sit alongside drawings by Marco Fusinato, which compress Cage’s Water Music score into one moment. Performance videos by Yuki Kihara and Christine Sun Kim & Thomas Mader explore the communicative potential of hand gestures. Sriwhana Spong translates a diary text by ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinsky into choreography, while Nathan Gray transforms the composer Cornelius Cardew’s epic graphic score Treatise into sculpture.

Image: Responsory for the Feast of St Mary Magdalene, c.1300. Rare Music Collection, University of Melbourne