The school on the hill


Building 718, Creswick Campus, University of Melbourne

Since 1910, the Victorian School of Forestry at Creswick has welcomed students who have gone on to protect and preserve forests near and far. The campus possesses memories of the hard work and camaraderie of students as they began their forestry careers. The school on the hill recounts student experiences and achievements, celebrates prominent teaching staff and explores changes of the School’s structure and curriculum and the influence of broader social events throughout the last century.

The Creswick Campus Historical Collection has roots back to 1912 as a student-run museum, flourishing until closure in the 1980s. Since being revitalised in 2006, it is the only collection relating to forestry education in Australia and The school on the hill will display the collection for the first time in 30 years.

An online version of the exhibition is available through the Creswick Campus Historical Collection's Omeka website.

Image: Students in the Victorian School of Forestry Museum [detail], c.1940, Creswick Campus Historical Collection, University of Melbourne