University House

University House is the staff club at The University of Melbourne and aims to foster and maintain contacts and the exchange of ideas between the various disciplines represented by staff of the University of Melbourne. The Club was instituted in 1952 for the purpose of creating within the University a wider and more varied society than any single Department could offer, and in the hope that it would promote friendship and the fruitful exchange of ideas between people whose work is varied but has a common objective.

19.1 Exhibition curatorship – Main Dining Room, University House (PROJECT ASSIGNED)

The goal of this project will be to create a themed display in the Main Dining Room of University House using the University’s cultural collections as the focus. This project work will involve developing a theme utilising the collection materials from across the University’s collections, and then writing the introductory wall text and labels to illustrate this theme. This project will increase awareness of the cultural collections to academics of all disciplines, University staff and visitors to University House.

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