School of Chemistry Collection

The School of Chemistry Collection comprises over 600 items used for chemistry teaching and research at the University of Melbourne from the 1850s to 1960s. It includes glassware, measuring and experimental apparatus, burners, chemical samples, balances, catalogues and lecture notes. Many items are of historical significance due to their association with key figures in the history of Australian science such as Frederick McCoy, Ernst Johannes Hartung, David Orme Masson and John MacAdam. A small selection of items is on display at any given time, while most of the collection, which is in storage, may be viewed by appointment or via the online catalogue.

15.1 Collections Management - Cataloguing and rehousing project*

This project offers students the opportunity to become involved in the cataloguing and rehousing of items from the School of Chemistry Collection. The project contributes to and helps facilitate the digitisation of these collection materials onto the electronic catalogue and will aid in the accessibility, long-term preservation, storage and appreciation of the collection.

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*If interested in this project please contact the Program Coordinator directly to find out more information