Medical History Museum

The Museum houses a research collection which documents the history of the University of Melbourne’s Medical School, its teaching hospitals and achievements of its graduates and, more broadly, the history of medical practice in Victoria. The collection consists of medical, surgical and scientific instruments, archival photographs, academic certificates, personal papers and records, commemorative medals, art works and a fully equipped, relocated 19th century London pharmacy.

11.1 Research Assistant - Exhibitions (several project positions)

This project offers the opportunity for students to assist the Senior Curator in researching themes and identifying potential items in the collection to be included in upcoming exhibitions at the Medical History Museum.

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11.2 Research and Interpretation project – Savory and Moore Pharmacy (several project positions)

This project offers the opportunity for student/s to research and then develop an on-line journey exploring the Latin names, and historic and current uses of the contents of the 120 herb drawers that form part of the Savory and Moore Pharmacy located in the Medical History Museum.

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11.3 Curatorship – Display, Australian Medical Association, Victoria (several project positions)

For this project, you will have the opportunity work in partnership with another student to develop and install a themed display using the collections of the Medical History Museum as the focus at the Australian Medical Association (Victoria) headquarters in Royal Parade. This project will increase awareness of the museum’s significant collections to a wider audience.

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11.4 Collection Management – Catalogue project (several project positions) (PROJECT ASSIGNED)

This project offers the opportunity to become involved in cataloguing items recently gifted to Medical History Museum. The project work includes the completion of cataloguing worksheets for the new acquisitions and once fully catalogued, these new records will be added to the Medical History Museum’s electronic database, Vernon. The project contributes to the accessibility, long-term preservation, storage and appreciation of the collection.

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