Architecture, Building and Planning Library: Rare Materials Collection

The Rare Materials Collection in the Architecture, Building and Planning Library includes 19th and 20th century material, seminal architectural texts, collections of major local architects and planners, original drawings, sketchbooks and scrapbooks, objects from the University's architectural atelier and theses.

1.1 Collection Management – Cataloguing project, Parkes Postcard Collection

This project involves assisting with the cataloguing of the Parkes Postcard Collection which forms part of the Rare Materials Collection in the Architecture Building and Planning Library. The cataloguing project will help facilitate future digitisation of these collection materials and aid accessibility, long-term preservation, storage and appreciation of the collection

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1.2 Collection Management – Collection Provenance Project, Rare Books Collection (PROJECT ASSIGNED)

This project involves contributing to the creation of a complete listing of items in the Rare Books Collection with a specific focus on the donors and former owners of the texts, and then updating catalogue records for these items. This project will help facilitate access to the collection and aid in its long-term preservation, interpretation and appreciation.

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