Knowledge, learning and culture: breadth subject

One of the rich aspects of the Melbourne Model degree structure is the opportunity for undergraduate students to select from a diverse range of 'breadth subjects'. These offerings encourage students to engage with curriculum content, conceptual thinking and pedagogical approaches that differ from their main academic discipline and hence have the potential to broaden their knowledge and ways of thinking. One such breadth subject is Knowledge, Learning and Culture, offered through the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. Students from any discipline can work with the University's cultural collections, while also learning about theories of learning and teaching, particularly those encompassing the value of direct experience with objects as a way to enhance learning and understanding.

Students value the opportunity to encounter objects, artworks, artefacts and specimens in new ways and they enjoy learning through considering ideas that are challenging and that provide new perspectives on knowledge and understanding.

Knowledge, Learning and Culture tutorials are held in the Classics and Archaeology Collection, Ian Potter Museum of Art, Grainger Museum, Medical History Museum, Henry Forman Atkinson Dental Museum, Tiegs Zoological Museum, University of Melbourne Archives, Baillieu Library Rare Books, a Baillieu Library Prints Collection, Rare and Historic Maps Collection, University of Melbourne Herbarium and Law Rare Books Collection.

For further information: Amanda Burritt: or see the Handbook