Issue 19, December 2016

Issue 19, December 2016

Cover and contents

Introduction - James McCluskey

Angel with the sponge: A drawing in the Baillieu Library - Jessica Cole

The young Menzies: The student and legal notebooks of Robert Menzies - Caitlin Stone and Jim Berryman

The Peter MacCallum Radiology Collection - Lili Belle Birchall

Portrait of a collector: Dr Samuel Arthur Ewing and the Ewing Collection - Cathleen Rosier

Herzstark’s daughter: The pocket mechanical calculator - Jenny Smith

John Shirlow: The pioneering traditionalist - Emily Wubben

The ginkgo tree: Tales of a living fossil - Craig Robertson

Working with University of Birmingham collections - Kim Goldsmith

Preserving pathologies - Emily Robins

Colonial botany: Two Scots and 26 teaching aids - Sophie Garrett

News from the collections