VSF Herbarium transferred to University of Melbourne Herbarium

In early August, the Victorian School of Forestry (VSF) Herbarium was transferred from the University's Creswick campus to The University of Melbourne Herbarium (MELU) in Parkville. With the incorporation of this collection, a significant milestone is achieved; all the University herbaria, including the Burnley Horticultural College and Victorian School of Forestry herbaria, now form a single collection for the first time. The specimens will be curated and digitised by staff and student volunteers working in The University of Melbourne Herbarium and made available online via Herbarium Collection Online.

The VSF Herbarium contains approximately 5500 specimens collected between 1877 and 1992 by staff and students and provides a rich record of the research and teaching conducted in the VSF, which is now part of the University of Melbourne’s School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences (SEFS). Significant specimens in the collection include those of former VSF staff; including E.J. Semmens (1500 specimens), the Principal of the School from 1927 to 1951 and J.H. Willis (70 specimens), a student at the School from 1927 to 1930 who later served as botanist, Assistant Government Botanist, and Acting Director of the National Herbarium of Victoria. The extensive work of VSF and SEFS staff and students in creation and curation of this collection ensures that it will serve as a valuable biological research collection into the future.

Preparing the Victorian School of Forestry Herbarium for transfer

Image: Preparing the Victorian School of Forestry Herbarium for transfer