Unexpected romance in the Baillieu Library: Dulcie Hollyock, librarian by day, writer of love stories by night

Next time you attend one of the talks or displays regularly hosted in the Dulcie Hollyock Room in the University of Melbourne’s Baillieu Library, you may be intrigued to muse upon an unexpected link to the world of romance.

This conference room, located on the ground floor of the Library, is named in honour of admired librarian, educator and writer, Dulcie Iona Hollyock. Born in Essendon in June 1914, Hollyock graduated from The University of Melbourne in the 1940s with degrees in arts and education. After quickly advancing within the library profession, she combined a long and respected career as Chief Librarian of the Victorian Teaching Training Colleges (1950-1974) with a natural flair for writing romance fiction. Hollyock’s work is represented among the 3,000 titles that make up the Baillieu Library Rare Book’s Romance Fiction Collection, which includes stories by Australian, New Zealand and overseas writers, published by Mills & Boon, Silhouette and other specialist publishing houses. More

Image: Cover art for Dulcie Hollyock's 1985 romance novel Double Masquerade, Baillieu Library Rare Book Collection, The University of Melbourne