Original display cabinet returns to Tiegs Museum

The Tiegs Museum, which is dedicated to the display of zoological specimens, has a new cabinet on display. Well, actually it is an old cabinet. The explanation is that the Tiegs Museum was originally housed in the Baldwin Spencer Building, using wooden cabinets for display. These were replaced when the museum moved to the then new Zoology building (now BioSciences 4) in 1989. However, one of the old cabinets was kept and used for the storage of teaching material elsewhere in the building.

Late in 2016 it was agreed that this old cabinet belonged in the Tiegs and space was made for it within the museum. Prior to its relocation, the cabinet was restored thanks to a generous grant from the Miegunyah Fund received earlier this year. The history of the cabinet and the Tiegs Museum is now illustrated within the cabinet by a display of photographs and a selection of early specimens from the Tiegs collection.

Image: The display cabinet now at home in the Tiegs Museum. The items on display reflect the history of the museum. Photograph by Laura Marchese