NITE ART at Arts West

Arts West will join a number of venues in the city and across the University campus for the Nite Art Festival to take place from 6:00pm to 10:00pm on 27 July 2017.

As well as the collaborations around the theme of blood with the Science Gallery Melbourne, Arts West will also be showcasing the work of contemporary Chinese/Australian artist Cyrus Tang. Cyrus's work in ceramic, photography and digital media explores ideas of loss and displacement and will be featured on level five. The object based learning labs will also be open for the evening featuring an exhibition inspired by the spaces, object based learning and the vast University collections. On display will be works by Simone Hine, Kyle Weise, Melanie Jane Taylor, Elyse de Valle and Zoe Scoglio. Entitled Excavation, the exhibition will explore the interplay between the certainty of objects and the intangibility of our brief encounters with them.

Image: Cyrus Tang, Branches, 2012. Image courtesy of the artist and ARC One Gallery, Melbourne