New stained-glass artwork for Old Quad

Commissioned to celebrate the re-launch of the historic Old Quad, a large-scale stained-glass work has been created by artist Tom Nicholson and stained-glass artisan Geoffrey Wallace. Towards a glass monument comprises two screens of stained glass, each measuring over four metres in length and five metres in height, as well as six cast bronze plaques providing context for the piece and its history.

The design for the commission originated from two lithographs of Mesozoic ferns which were fossilized in sandstone. The lithographs were published in Prodromus to the Palaeontology of Victoriaor, Figures and Descriptions of Victorian Organic Remains, 1874, written by Frederick McCoy, one of the University of Melbourne’s first four professors.

Visitors to the newly refurbished Old Quad will delight in encountering the unique stained-glass screens upon entry via the north entrance. Spaced over a metre apart, visitors may walk between the artworks, taking in the designs, treatment of colour and light, and experiencing the often isolated stained-glass up close.

The Old Quad will be open to the public 10.00am to 4.00pm weekdays from Monday 6 May 2019.

Tom Nicholson, Towards a glass monument [detail], 2017–19. Photograph © Christian Capurro

Image: Tom Nicholson, Towards a glass monument [detail], 2017–19. Photograph © Christian Capurro