New Reading Room request management system

Aeon is the Reading Room’s new request management application that assists staff, researchers and collection managers track and respond to requests for access to material from Special Collections, the Grainger Museum and University of Melbourne Archives.

In 2016, the Reading Room provided over 3000 academics and researchers access to more than 10,000 items from three of the University’s cultural collections. Prior to the introduction of Aeon, staff used multiple inherited systems ranging from carbonated paper slips to spreadsheets to manage and track researcher requests.  

Post graduates, academic and other researchers using the Reading Room now have a new tool to assist them order, track and manage their requests.Aeon allows researchers to see the progress of their requests, it also provides full bibliographic references and request history and supports tagging requests according to researcher designated terms such as specific research topics. Aeon is made by Atlas Systems in Virginia, USA and has an extensive and prestigious customer base in the USA. The University of Melbourne’s purchase is the first sale in Australia and the second sale by Atlas outside of the USA.

For more information on the functionality Aeon can provide for researchers, visit the Atlas-Systems website.