Music Making Memories

The Grainger Museum was recently successful in a highly competitive round for the 2017 University of Melbourne Engagement Grants. The successful application, entitled Music Making Memories, will fund a year-long project to promote well-being in people with dementia through encounters with material culture and music at the Grainger Museum, while facilitating professional practice and cross-disciplinary professional learning for postgraduate health and allied health students.

A series of six workshops will be run at the Museum in the second half of 2017, specifically for people with early-stage dementia and their caregivers from the local community. Postgraduate students in disciplines including medicine, gerontology, and music therapy will work with the Grainger Curator in creating and delivering the program. The workshops include a combination of object-based experiential activities utilising the Grainger’s collections, and live musical activities led by music therapy students. The aim is to create an environment that encourages sharing of thoughts and emotions, and supports opportunities for socialisation. More

Detail of harp on display in the Grainger Museum

Image: Detail of harp on display in the Museum. Grainger Museum, University of Melbourne