Medieval Books Great and Small: The Clumber Bible

Don’t miss the chance to view a massive 23kg medieval Bible, which will be on display in the Dulcie Hollyock Room, Baillieu Library, Friday 30 June to Sunday 9 July 2017.

This exclusive 10-day viewing, features the enormous Clumber Bible (c.1395), a sumptuously illuminated Bible from the Kerry Stokes Collection, noted for its extraordinary size. This monumental work will be complemented by a selection of large and small exquisitely decorated medieval devotional texts from the University's Rare Books Collection, including a delightful pocket-sized Breviary (c.1325), a pair of beautifully illuminated initial letters from an Italian choir book (c.1490), and a leaf from the famous Gutenberg Bible (c.1455).

Put this unique viewing opportunity and associated lecture program in your diary whilst the Clumber Bible is in Melbourne.

Further information on viewing times and associated events

Image: Clumber Bible, c.1395. Private collection