Medical History Museum to be transformed

The Medical History Museum begins its 50th anniversary year with a complete refurbishment of the museum space and  the adjoining second floor study area of the Brownless Biomedical Library. This refurbishment will bring together the museum and study areas as a more unified and integrated space.

The museum will be enhanced with increased hanging spaces as well as new state-of-the-art display cases and lightning. The ceiling of the museum will be raised to enable the ornate nineteenth century display cases to be properly viewed.

The heritage Savory and Moore Pharmacy will also have a new ceiling and lighting. The display area will be significantly increased with display cases and walls integrated into the student study spaces. When the Brownless Biomedical Library opened in 1967, the museum was an intrinsic part of the building and this tradition continues. The museum refurbishment has been generously supported by a donation from Denise De Gruchy.

The first exhibition for 2017 will be The cancer puzzle: patterns, paradoxes and personalities opening in April.

Savory and Moore Pharmacy, Medical History Museum

Image: Savory and Moore Pharmacy, Medical History Museum