In Focus: Museums and Collections Projects Program

Over the last couple of months Kelly Russ, studying for her Master of Arts (Deakin University), has been exploring the photographs that make up the Property and Campus Services Photographic Collection.

The PSC Collection comprises slides, assorted photographs, albums and binders of photographic materials that document the built environment of the University and is a valuable historical and contemporary resource for those wishing to research and understand the physical development of the campuses. The PSC Collection documents the substantial changes to the University in the post-World War II period, a time that witnessed an intense building and landscaping program. For her project, Kelly has been identifying, researching, documenting and cross referencing the PCS Collection to similar collections held in other museums and collections on campus. With her strong interest in archives and history, Kelly has enjoyed exploring the collection and discovering more about the buildings, campuses and history of the built environment of the University. Kelly’s project work and research findings will be used to help inform the long-term management of the PCS Collection which in turn will contribute to making the Collection more accessible to future researchers.

Visit the Museums and Collections Project Program website for further details of the program and available volunteering opportunities.

Image: Kelly Russ studying the images in the Property and Campus Services Photographic Collection