Honing drawing skills with the University's museums and collections

Drawing workshops run by the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) with the University’s  museums and collections provides an important means to hone artistic skills. Students participating in the workshops recently visited the Medical History Museum, the Noel Shaw Gallery Dark imaginings exhibition, the Baillieu Library Print Collection and the Grainger Museum to draw objects on display, as well as items that had been brought out from storage.

Copying works of art through drawing is an age-old tradition which assists students to acquire and understand the techniques exercised by master artists. Grasping perspective and foreshortening challenges created through displays and gallery spaces is another skill which can be learned.

The students had the opportunity to draw with pencils and experience another medium, that of silverpoint, a method which grew from medieval manuscripts and which employs the use of a metal stylus on a prepared ground. Drawing objects from the collections is an opportunity for artists to get out of the studio, and bring the objects to life through their creative efforts.