History of Burnley gardens and campus on display

Meg Hibbert, a student enrolled in the Museums and Collection Projects Program has, with Jane Wilson, curated this exhibition The Roots of Burnley: Exploring a long history of significance to the Victorian community, designed to showcase the Burnley gardens and document the history of the Burnley campus of the University in the Victorian landscape.

Meg has produced eight panels with historical photographs and documents illustrate the strong connection people had – and still have – with Burnley. The exhibition is a walk-through time from the beginnings of the campus as experimental gardens, to the modern University campus it is today. Meg’s curatorial project is one of many such projects enabling students to have hand-on experiences with collections within the Museums and Collections Projects Program.

Stained glass window

Image: Stained glass window positioned above the doorway at the Principal’s Residence at the Burnley Horticultural College, until it was demolished in 1980. Burnley Campus Archives, University of Melbourne