Grainger re-Animated: VCA student creativity based on Grainger Museum exhibition

Early in semester I 2017, the first-year cohort of eleven Bachelor of Fine Art Animation students at the VCA explored the history of animation inventions, and more generally the role and impact of inventions and their inventors in shaping cultures, stories and artworks.

In this context, they visited the Grainger Museum for an insight into the inventiveness and actual inventions proposed, developed or instigated by Percy Grainger. The animators spent two other longer visits to the museum choosing various views and images from within the museum to inform and develop their sketching practice. In semester II the students imparted their impressions and twenty first century perspectives in bringing to life historic artefacts through various animation and film techniques.

The students have created animations based on photographs in the Grainger photographed: Public faรงades and intimate spaces. One key photograph was digitally split into separate planes or ‘layers’ in order to create various spatial illusions. These effects are often referred to as 'multiplane', '2.5d' and 'parallax effects'. The students also incorporated their own animation content and additional photographic portraits from the Grainger Photographed exhibition. The brilliant animation responses by the students can be seen online.

Image: Still from the animation created by students inspired by the Grainger Museum collection