Georgina Sweet lectern now on display

The latest issue of the University of Melbourne Collections magazine (issue 23, December 2018) has an interesting article about Dr Georgina Sweet and her link with the Tiegs Zoology Museum. The article includes the fact that a lectern was made in 1924 to commemorate Dr Sweet's contribution to the Biology Department.

Late last year restoration work was carried out on this lectern by the Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation, funded by the School of BioSciences. The back of lectern has an inscribed brass plaque which has especially benefitted from the conservation treatment. The restored lectern has now been returned to the Tiegs Museum for display and can be appreciated by all visitors to the museum, especially those with an interest in Dr Georgina Sweet's career at the University of Melbourne.

Image: The restored Georgina Sweet lectern on display in the Tiegs Zoology Museum. Photograph by Laura Marchese