Conservation of Albrecht Durer’s ‘The Knight and the lansquenet’

Working with conservators from Grimwade Conservation Services, University of Melbourne conservation student Laura Daenke has just completed a major conservation treatment of Albrecht Durer’s early woodcut print, The Knight and the lansquenet (c. 1496), from the Baillieu Library Print Collection.

The Grimwade Centre’s Master of Cultural Materials Conservation program allows students to base an advanced research project on the major conservation treatment of an item from the University of Melbourne’s museums and collections, extending the skills of students who wish to specialise in treatment-based conservation. For this type of project, students work closely with professional conservators and collection managers to deliver a high-level conservation project.

For Albrecht Durer’s The Knight and the lansquenet, historic repairs had caused physical and aesthetic damage resulting in the work being unsuitable for exhibition. These repairs were painstakingly removed, the print washed and repaired. After conservation, the print is chemically and physically stable, and suitable for study or display. More

Student conservator Laura Daenke washes the woodblock print The Knight and the lansquenetc from the Baillieu Library Print Collection

Image: Grimwade Senior Paper Conservator, Libby Melzer, with student conservator, Laura Daenke preparing the print for washing