Chemistry collection drawn into ABC’s Jack Irish drama

The University of Melbourne provides an authentic setting in the return of the ABC’s popular Jack Irish thriller series. The University’s iconic buildings create an impressive backdrop, with plot clues leading to the School of Chemistry, in an episode scheduled for broadcast later this year. The School of Chemistry Collection will be on show, with items from the collection made available during filming within the Chemistry Building. Items including a collection of crystals and other technical instruments lent authenticity to the production.

Series lead, Australian actor, Guy Pearce was in the thick of the action but took time out to chat with the Manager of Teaching Laboratories, Robert Ennis-Thomas, to discover more about the importance of the School of Chemistry Collection, and its significance to early research and chemistry teaching in Australia. The School of Chemistry welcomes creative collaborations with external partners and values the opportunity to highlight the importance of its collection to the broader community. More than 30 production crew and extras were involved in the project. Filming ran smoothly with no disruption to Chemistry students during the Summer Semester.

The new series of Jack Irish is to be released this year. Don’t miss the intrigue which unfolds in the Chemistry corridors.

Image: Robert Ennis-Thomas and Guy Pearce standing outside the School of Chemistry building during filming