2019 IMAC Award recipient from Birmingham joins us at Melbourne

Erin Holder, the UK recipient of the 2019 International Museums and Collections Award (IMAC Award), will commence her month-long placement with the museums and collections on campus in late July.

Currently completing her History degree at the University of Birmingham, Erin is excited to explore and work directly with the University of Melbourne’s collections during her placement. Guided by curators, collection managers, archivists and conservators, her projects engage with different areas of collection management across a selection of the University’s collections, including the Baillieu Library Print Collection, Grainger Museum, University of Melbourne Archives and the Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation. Through her specially tailored program, Erin has the unique opportunity to develop new professional skills and build on existing areas of interest by working closely with the collections.

Erin’s projects and cultural adventures during her time in Melbourne can be followed via her blog.

Applications for the 2019 IMAC Award are currently open for the reciprocal part of the exchange, which will enable a University of Melbourne student to travel to the University of Birmingham early next year. For more information and how to apply visit the IMAC Award website.

Erin Holder

Image: Erin Holder