2018 Ursula Hoff Fellowship recipient announced

The Ian Potter Museum of Art is pleased to announce Dr Jane Eckett as the recipient of the Ursula Hoff Fellowship for 2018. Dr Ursula Hoff bequeathed funds to the University of Melbourne to establish a Fellowship for the study and promotion of prints held in the print collections of the University of Melbourne and the National Gallery of Victoria. In recognition of Dr Hoff’s scholarly and professional achievements, the Fellowship is awarded annually to a candidate displaying a commitment to research into prints, the history of print collecting and the scholarly activities of museums and universities. The Ursula Hoff Fellow is provided research access to collections relevant to their research at the University of Melbourne and the National Gallery of Victoria.

Dr Jane Eckett is an early career researcher and teaching associate in the University of Melbourne's art history and gender studies programmes. Drawing on her prior research into the post-WWII monotypes of Jankel Adler, Louis le Brocquy, Alan Davie and Inge and Grahame King, Dr Eckett aims to contextualise Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack's trace monotypes against international monotype practice. Remembered chiefly in Australia for his pivotal role in disseminating knowledge of Bauhaus pedagogy and for his experimental Farbenlichtspiel (colour light plays), Hirschfeld-Mack's extensive printmaking practice is less well understood, particularly the transfer drawing technique he employed in his trace monotypes.

Dr Jane Eckett

Image: Dr Jane Eckett