Museums and Collections

At the heart of our community, culture brings us together.

The University of Melbourne is home to over 15 museums and galleries and over 40 individual collections which play an intrinsic role in teaching and learning, research, and student engagement. These cultural assets provide students, staff, local and global communities the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of contemporary and traditional cultures, scientific discovery, and creative practice.


Discover the University’s Cultural Collections, unique in Australia for their calibre, depth and size.

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Cultural Venues

The University is home to wide range of museums, galleries and venues focusing on a diversity of areas including Australian art and artists, contemporary and traditional art, theatre and live performance, historical collections, music, and STEM and the creative industries.

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Cultural venues
M&C Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning

Many of the University collections have learning programs for secondary and university students.

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Cultural Commons

The University of Melbourne’s cultural commons provides access to a unique group of museums, galleries, theatres, collections, and knowledge. It represents what we value, hold, discover and create and what collectively helps us to understand what it means to be human and it provides access according to Aboriginal and Torres Strait laws and customs.

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Cultural Commons