International Museums and Collections Award

Due to the current COVID-19 situation the International Museum and Collections Award will not be offered in 2020

Students from the University of Melbourne are invited to apply for a unique international exchange opportunity with the University of Birmingham (UoB). The recipient of the Museums and Collections Award will take part in a month long placement working with the collections and museums of the partner university. This unique placement experience will enrich academic studies and facilitate the development of professional skills within the cultural sector.

At the UoB, the Award recipient will work on a variety of collection management projects and be exposed to many aspects of museums and collections work. They will have the opportunity to consult with collections staff across the University, including curators, collection managers, archivists and conservators and be able to participate in extra activities such as attendance at meetings and seminars. This broadening experience will enhance understanding of the different issues currently facing university collections and the museum sector.

The projects may comprise: documentation and cataloguing, research, interpretation and public programs, exhibition development, preventative conservation/preservation and significance assessment. The Award recipient may also include in their placement a period of self-directed study that engages with an aspect of the host institution's collections that are of particular interest. The student will need to include this study area on their application and it will be negotiated with the host institution.

The IMAC Award is offered between the universities of Melbourne and Birmingham. It is anticipated that in future years this program will be expanded to include other universities in the U21 network.

For more information on the museums and collections at the University of Melbourne and the University of Birmingham, and details on the Universitas 21 (U21) network, please follow the relevant links.