Classics and Archaeology Rare books

The Classics and Archaeology Rare Book collection was formerly part of the Centre for Classics and Archaeology Library housed in the Old Quadrangle. Now part of the Baillieu Library Rare Book Collection, this collection consists of 265 volumes of works concerning the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Of particular note are 16th century editions of Aristotle (1545), Cicero (1573) Diogenes (1524) and Tacitus (1590), and early 19th century editions of Aristophanes

(1804), Lucian (nine volumes published between 1822 and 1831), Pindar (1815), Polybius (1823), Sophocles (1832), Strabo (1829) and Terence (1816).

For further information on the collection contact Rare Books, Baillieu Library, E: special-collections@, T: +(61 3) 8344 5380.