Joyce Thorpe Nicholson Fellowship

The Joyce Thorpe Nicholson Fellowship is named in honour of University alumna, Joyce Thorpe Nicholson. The fellowship of up to $15,000 shall be awarded every second year, to a scholar or writer, to produce work that is based around the Joyce Thorpe Nicholson collection in the Library, Rare Books Collection or Archives.

The inaugural Joyce Thorpe Nicholson Fellowship has been awarded to Dr Jane Grant for her project 'Four voices from the Second Wave: Helen Garner, Drusilla Modjeska, Bobbi Sykes, Vicki Viidikas.'

Jane Grant who has a PhD in English from the University of Sydney for her thesis on the 'Travel Diaries of Cynthia Nolan' is an independent scholar with an impressive research and a publication record, that includes literary journals, Meanjin and Overland, as well as numerous academic journals. In 2006 she published the critically  acclaimed  book, Kylie Tennant: A Life. Jane was the 2014 recipient of the 'Gem Scott Fellowship' at Ormond College, is a former Creative Fellow at the State Library of Victoria and was a judge of the 2007 Victorian Premiers Prize for non-fiction.

Four Voices from the Second Wave: Helen Garner, Drusilla Modjeska, Bobbi Sykes, Vicki Viidikas looks at the networks behind the publication, marketing and reception of four women writers in late twentieth century Australia. It investigates the making of Garner and Modjeska into public intellectuals, and compares the careers, public images and marketing of two highly successful women writers with the more problematic representation and reception of poets Bobbi Sykes and Vicki Viidikas. In juxtaposing these very different histories of success and neglect, this project seeks a stronger understanding of the politics of women's literary production in late twentieth century Australia. Jane will make extensive use of the Joyce Thorpe Nicholson Collection of Australian Women's anthologies and literary and feminist journals - as well as records help in the Mc Phee Gribble, Meanjin, Scripsi and Sisters Publishing Collection's.

This fellowship is administered by the University Library's Special Collections.